What is VIWO?

Visual World, fostering multicultural VET collaboration in visual art and design profession by using virtual and peer learning

The VIWOproject  is a VETpartnership project in the field of visual art and design. Target groups are of second degree students, teachers and colleges of  visual art and design. The main goal of the project is to foster participants’ skills to collaborate in a virtual and multicultural working environment. The project has four partners, Kouvola Region Vocational College from Finland (KSAO), Goldenberg Europakolleg from Germany (GEK), ROC Friese Poort from the Netherlands and The Art School Manolo Blahnik La Palma from Spain. KSAO is the coordinator of the project.

Occupational profile in visual sector is a wide combination of artistic, communicative, cultural, social and commercial knowledge, crafts and ICT-skills. Considering sustainable development, need to cut expenses and advanced digital mobility of information has changed working life in visual design field extensively in the recent past. Collaborative working in multicultural groups is necessary skill in current working life and in future it seems to become even more indispensable.

The first objective of the project is to develop visual field students’ professional skills to work and cooperate virtually in an multicultural working environment and raise their language skills, by producing curriculum based learning events and to expand curriculum in an international collaborative virtual learning environment.

The second objective is to raise awareness of similarities and differences in Visual art and Graphic design field in European countries using peer learning.

The third objective is to offer teachers an opportunity to observe and to apply new pedagogical systems and material, to try out a new virtual learning environment and peer learning, to compare of levels of training and qualifications in partner countries and to improve their own skills and creativity.

Long-term objective is to create collaborative learning event which applies virtual mobility and which could be transferred equally to vocational studies (ECVET) in all partner organizations.

Structure of the Project
Learning/teaching/training workpackages timetable:

 1. WORKPACKAGE (theme for students´ fine & environmental art)
(teachers´theme comparing curriculums)
Pre-tasks virtually at the end of the year 2015

                                  Workshop/ January 2016 / Lead organisation: KSAO

2. WORKPACKAGE (theme for students´intercultural & experimental teamwork) (teachers´theme was evaluation)
Pre-tasks virtually late spring 2016                         
                         Workshop/ May 2016 / Lead organisation: ROC Friese Poort

3. WORKPACKAGE (theme for students´technical view to visual design and cooperation with the world of work)(teachers´theme different creative methods)
Pre-tasks virtually early autumn 2016                  
                         Workshop/ September 2016 / Lead organisation: Goldenberg Europakolleg

4. WORKPACKAGE (theme for students´s multicultural teamwork, new techniques) (theme for teachers´on-the-job learning)
Pre-tasks virtually early spring 2017                         
                         Workshop/ March 2017 / Lead organisation: Escuela de arte Manolo Blahnik

More information:Auli Haapaj√§rvi KSAO International coordinator +358 206158809 auli.haapajarvi@ksao.fi
Milla Aaltonen teacher and VIWOcoordinator +358 206155921 milla.aaltonen@ksao.fi